Goods to recycling
and to your home
from flea markets.

We pick up items waiting to be recycled out of your corners quickly and cheaply.

The smart uses Fiuge for recycling!

Old furniture and used electronics are often left in the corners. Goods waiting to be disposed of take up space and distract the eye. A trip to a recycling point during the everyday twists and turns can be surprisingly challenging to implement.

Order a pick-up of recycled goods from Fiuge!

  1. Download the application
  2. Define shipping and pay for it securely in the app
  3. The Fiuge carrier will pick up the recycled goods at the agreed time and deliver them to the recycling point on your behalf.

You can also order the collection of recycled goods via the web app. For more information, call +358 (0) 207981470 and email info@fiuge.com.

Try our new recycling service now in the Helsinki metropolitan area!


Try it in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Fiuge is an easy and fast transport service that allows you to take care of all your everyday transport needs. You can easily order the transport of recycled goods through our app.

Examples of recycling
service prices

Transport of individual goods to the recycling point from 18 €

The price includes transport for one item weighing a maximum of 35 kg. The object must be portable for one person and can fit in a car. Such an object can be, for example, an old TV, a computer, a microwave, or a small piece of furniture. In addition to transport, the price also includes a possible recycling fee at the recycling point.

Larger items from 50 €

The price includes transport for a larger item weighing a maximum of 70 kg, which requires two people and a larger vehicle to carry. This can be, for example, a refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, or a single frame mattress. In addition to transport, the price also includes a possible recycling fee at the recycling point.

Larger cargo or large and heavy furniture

Pricing for larger items or heavy furniture is based on the weight of the goods, the carriers required, and any recycling fees. If you need larger transports, please contact us. For more information, call +358 (0) 207981470.

We will pick up the items from your home at the agreed time. If possible, prepare the item for transportation by moving it to an easily accessible location.

With Fiuge, you can also recycle towards the other direction

Recycling to glory, says Fiuge! Once you’ve taken your old items out of the corners and purchased new ones, Fiuge will also help with home delivery.

If necessary, we pick up the new furniture from the point of sale and bring it to your door. The flea market and recycling trade are also made easier with Fiuge, as you can also order transport for flea market purchases through us. No matter if it’s a traditional flea market or a Facebook sale group, for example, we pick up the product from the seller and ship it home to you. You can even receive delivery within the same day.

Shipping, payment, and tracking are easy with the Fiuge app.

Why choose Fiuge?

  • At Fiuge, recycling is smooth, fast, and much cheaper than the industry price.
  • We pick up the recycled goods at your doorstep even on the same day and deliver them 30-50% cheaper than the industry price.
  • Placing a transport order is easy to handle with our mobile application.
  • You do not need cash, as payment is handled securely through the app.
  • The price covers the entire job: pick-up, transport, and any recycling fees.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help!